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E-Health, Digital Health, And Telemedicine

Adoption of technology in making health more accessible and affordable, through e-health ideas apps, websites, and payment processes are burgeoning in Nigeria. HELC has provided tech companies and health startups with comprehensive legal advice and support as these new ideas take off. From start to Finish, we help our clients navigate the murky waters of data protection, policies, litigation, and health law.

Our clients, start-ups and established Firms, have been involved in sexual and reproductive health, mental health, emergency care, etc. This clientele include companies in activities that demonstrate an intersection between technology and law.
We have been instrumental in the establishment and operationalisation of innovative e-health solutions that are set to transform healthcare provision in Nigeria.

HELC has advised Mobihealth on several regulatory issues in telemedicine, including developing contractual agreements with healthcare providers, support with onboarding, risk management and mitigation of potential liabilities in telemedicine, and advisory on the legal and regulatory Framework For digital health, data protection, and compliance issues.
We also advised on various issues in developing the product –Amani Health For Vasdigimobility. Vasdigimobility is a leading tech company offering digital solutions For organisations with its exclusively “Made For Mobile” products. Amanihealth is a digital platForm providing mental health support For children aged 6 to 17 through teletherapy.
We advised Lifeline on using the Electronic Health Records platform, virtual consulting, information governance and data protection. We have assisted in obtaining necessary consents, licences, and approvals as well as making essential Filings required to be made to ensure digital health businesses and start-ups Function eFFectively within the legal environment.

While HELC provides regulatory advisory and support to clients in the health technology sector, HELC has also played a crucial role in shaping policies. For example, HELC supported the revision of Nigeria’s Online Pharmacy Regulations, resulting in the draft Online Pharmacy Regulation 2023 by the Pharmacy Council oF Nigeria. Working with Salient, a health consulting client, HELC led the drafting oF the regulations. It is expected that the regulations will provide an enabling environment for online pharmacies as part of a technology- supported drive to improve access to, and delivery of, pharmaceutical products, and enhance data protection and quality assurance.

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