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About HELC

Health Ethics and Law Consulting (HELC), a health law and policy consulting firm, provides cutting edge legal, regulatory and policy advisory in the life sciences, health, gender, governance and other development sectors. The firm regularly advises government, the private sector, and international development agencies. Members of the HELC team have considerable experience in developing, drafting, researching, and analysing policies, health and gender legislation, health regulations, policies, and in conducting legal and other types of research and mapping.

Recent advisory work has included advisory on the National Health Act to an international development organisation. The firm has broad expertise and experience in health financing law and regulation and members of the team have provided advice on state health insurance schemes in Nigeria, including legislative frameworks and operationalisation of the schemes.  Members of the HELC team have advised organisations such as the World Bank, pharmacies, Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme, UKAID and EU-funded projects amongst others.

In the private sector, HELC advises on setting up health businesses and ventures in Nigeria, including regulatory compliance, clinical trials regulations, research ethics and legal advisory.  Drawing from different, relevant disciplines, HELC advises companies and their investors across industry, including in the hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance (HMOs), health management, health infrastructure, biotech, medical devices, technology and equipment companies, diagnostics, e-health/mobile/tele health businesses and law firms. HELC’s work has included advisory on legal and regulatory risk management for e-health businesses and capacity building on health ethics for health business owners and personnel, lawyers and judges.  It also provides advice on medical negligence, food and drug law regulation and compliance, and health-related litigation.

In the public sector, members of the HELC team regularly participate in health sector reforms, law reform and health strengthening efforts at the national level, frequently provide legal advice on Technical Working Groups, and policy development at federal and state levels.

The firm has a large network of contacts in the Nigerian health, gender, and development space. We follow closely new developments and emerging trends in the health care market in Nigeria and internationally. This enables us provide advice on proper strategies and risk management.

Our Approach

Our specialised focus allows us to provide our clients the best advice, focused attention, and desired results.  We bring an international perspective and an understanding of local contexts to our work.

Our lawyers are the leading experts in health law and policy in Nigeria, possessing not only advanced degrees in law and other fields but experience, unique skill sets, and a deep interest in health, gender, and other cross-cutting or related areas.

We are professional in our service delivery, always striving to exceed expectations and to provide value for money. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and able and willing to handle complex and novel issues in our areas of expertise.

Core Values


We value people. That is why our clients keep coming back.


We respond to every client’s unique needs and keep track of the ever-changing legal landscape.


Our driving principle is excellence in project execution and legal practice.

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