Health Law Consulting, Development Advisory and Research services

Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

HELC provides services in the area of litigation For medical negligence, occupational Health and personal injury claims. We provide in-depth insight, including specialised knowledge of health/medical law, an understanding of health practices and Familiarity with medical language, and perspectives garnered From work in Foreign jurisdictions but with an understanding of the peculiar challenges and provisions of Nigerian law.

We are retained by some of the biggest healthcare Facilities to aid them in dispute resolution and improving client experience

We have been involved in medical negligence suits in Nigerian courts and representation of clients in disciplinary processes at the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. We have represented individuals (patients, relatives of patients and individual physicians) and health care Facilities.
We also provide research consulting services to other law Firms to support their work on medical negligence/medical malpractice. We have recorded several successes in our engagements in this area. HELC has successfully supported various healthcare Facilities in implementing remedial measures and provided support in dispute resolution.

We have also represented patients and obtained judgments in civil and criminal suits on cases that bother on medical negligence. Most recently we represented a client (plaintiff) in a criminal case wherein the court decided that the defendant committed a breach of duty as a medical practitioner when he willfully refused to remove the Fiber glass cast on the patient’s leg despite complaints of severe pains which thereby resulted in a compartment syndrome.

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