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Draft of Lagos State Biosecurity and Biobanking Bill

HELC played a significant role in providing support for the drafting of the Lagos State Biosecurity and Biobanking Bill. This bill serves as a crucial instrument in enhancing biosecurity measures and establishing a comprehensive framework for biobanking in Lagos State.

The Lagos State Biosecurity and Biobanking Bill aims to address the challenges and risks associated with biological materials, infectious diseases, and laboratory practices. It provides a legal framework to ensure the safe handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of biological materials, as well as the implementation of stringent biosecurity measures within the state.

The bill encompasses provisions that promote the establishment of biobanks, which are repositories for biological samples and data. These biobanks play a vital role in supporting scientific research, public health interventions, and the development of innovative medical treatments. The bill outlines guidelines for the collection, storage, sharing, and utilization of biological samples, ensuring ethical considerations, confidentiality, and consent.

By implementing the Lagos State Biosecurity and Biobanking Bill, the state aims to enhance its ability to prevent, detect, and respond to biosecurity threats, including infectious disease outbreaks and potential bioterrorism incidents. It promotes collaboration among relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, research institutions, healthcare facilities, and the private sector, to strengthen biosecurity measures and ensure the safe handling of biological materials.

This bill is a testament to Lagos State’s commitment to safeguarding public health, promoting scientific research, and protecting the population from biosecurity risks. It aligns with international best practices in biosecurity and biobanking and serves as a valuable tool in advancing public health and research initiatives within the state.

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