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Development of a 4-Year Strategic Plan Action Plan for The NCDC

Following the capacity and training needs assessment conducted by HELC for the legal unit of the NCDC, HELC took the initiative to develop a comprehensive 4-year strategic action plan for the legal unit. This strategic plan serves as a roadmap, outlining key actions and priorities to ensure the legal unit can provide effective legal, regulatory, and advisory services in alignment with the NCDC Act.

The development of this strategic plan is particularly crucial as it addresses the challenges faced by the legal unit, including issues related to manpower, funding, and long-term planning. By addressing these difficulties, the plan aims to strengthen the legal unit and enhance its capacity to fulfill the NCDC’s mandate effectively.

A significant aspect of the strategic plan is its role as an advocacy tool. It is designed to be utilized in advocating for the necessary resources and the expansion of the legal unit. By highlighting the unit’s needs and priorities, the plan serves as a persuasive document to secure the support and resources required for its successful operation.

Moreover, the strategic plan incorporates a comprehensive set of indicators that enable monitoring, evaluation, and tracking of the legal unit’s development over the next four years. These indicators provide a mechanism to assess progress, measure success, and identify areas that require further attention or improvement. Through this monitoring and evaluation process, the legal unit can adapt its strategies, address challenges, and ensure alignment with its overall objectives.

By developing this 4-year strategic action plan, HELC aims to empower the legal unit of the NCDC with a clear direction and actionable steps to enhance its performance and effectiveness. The plan serves as a valuable tool in driving positive change, improving operational efficiency, and promoting the legal unit’s contribution to Nigeria’s health security objectives.

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