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Capacity and Training Needs Assessment for the Legal Department of NCDC

HELC conducted a comprehensive capacity and training needs assessment for the legal department of the NCDC. With the valuable support of the legal unit, targeted respondents were interviewed to gather essential insights. The findings from these interviews were instrumental in the development of the Capacity and Training Needs Assessment Report for the NCDC Legal Unit.

The primary objective of the assessment was to evaluate the capacity and training needs of the legal unit, aiming to identify any existing gaps and provide recommendations for strengthening the unit’s ability to effectively carry out its mandate. HELC meticulously covered key areas essential to the unit’s performance and effectiveness.

The assessment report focused on several crucial aspects, including staff strength, knowledge, and skills required within the legal unit. It also delved into training and capacity development needs, ensuring that the unit’s personnel receive the necessary support and opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, the report addressed aspects related to funding and resources, recognizing the importance of adequate support to enhance the unit’s operations.

Furthermore, the working environment and tools utilized by the legal unit were evaluated, with a focus on optimizing efficiency and productivity. The assessment report also encompassed performance record and evaluation processes to identify areas for improvement and establish mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and enhancement. Lastly, external engagements and relationships were assessed to foster effective collaborations and partnerships in achieving the unit’s goals.

By conducting this comprehensive assessment, HELC provided valuable insights and recommendations to the legal department of the NCDC. The report serves as a strategic roadmap to guide the unit in addressing capacity gaps, optimizing resources, and enhancing overall performance. The aim is to equip the legal unit with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to effectively fulfill its mandate and contribute to Nigeria’s health security objectives.

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