Private Sector

In the private sector, HELC advises on setting up health businesses and ventures in Nigeria, including regulatory compliance, clinical trials regulations, and legal advisory.  Drawing from different, relevant disciplines, HELC advises companies and their investors across the industry, including in the hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, health management, health infrastructure, biotech, medical devices, technology and equipment companies, diagnostics and e-health/mobile/tele health businesses.


Regulatory Compliance

HELC’s work includes conducting regulatory compliance audits for clients. We also provide registration and licensing support with regulatory bodies such as Nigeria’s drug regulatory agency NAFDAC, Lagos State’s health monitoring agency HEFAMAA, various states hospital boards, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria, the Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, amongst others.  We also provide our expertise in the areas of clinical trials regulations.


Public Private Partnerships

HELC also advises on private/public partnerships (PPPs) in health and other development areas.  HELC also advises on structuring agreements between academia and commercial ventures, including in the area of research and development.  HELC also provides advice on occupational health including health and safety issues, and environmental issues.


Risk Management, Medical Negligence and Dispute Resolution

HELC’s work has included advisory on legal and regulatory risk management for health businesses. Recent clients have included a sexual and reproductive health services company. It also provides advice on food and drug law regulation and compliance, and health-related litigation.

It does extensive work on medical negligence, including litigation and dispute resolution.



Public Sector

Law Reform, Policy Development

Our work includes law reform, drafting of new legislation and policies in the areas of health, gender, child rights etc.  Our recent work has included participation in the Core Working Group that drafted the National Health Policy, drafting Lagos State’s Youth Policy, and providing technical expertise on the health insurance laws of Lagos and Kwara States. Our work in this area includes assistance to professional regulatory bodies and stakeholders who have an interest in legislative changes.



Capacity-Building and Research

Health law is a relatively new area of practice. HELC has the best expertise in the country in this area. HELC runs training workshops for lawyers, health care business owners, government, judges and personnel in the areas of health law, health legal risk management, medical negligence. HELC also offers training in the areas of gender and law. It also provides research services.

Please contact us to discuss training for your establishment.


Ethics Advisory

Health ethics is a key component of effective health care delivery. This is increasingly recognised in the Nigerian context, with health care businesses acknowledging the needs of clients and patients. With a deep understanding of health ethics principles and related interpretations and applications, HELC provides advice on ethical behaviour in health care delivery, compliance with ethics codes, ethics code drafting, and assistance with ethics assessments. We have expertise in research ethics and provide advice and training in these areas. We also provide training in this area.


Gender and Law Advisory

We advise on gender, discrimination law, and the application of legislation on gender. Our work in this area has included capacity-building for lawyers on local legislation and relevant international law, including gender-based violence legislation. We are also involved in dipute resolution in this area.